KITANIHON SHIPBUILDING was established in 1969 by a local steel industry group with the support of the city where assigned as a "New Industrial city" from Japanese government in 1967.The founders' vision was to establish a center of regional excellence in steel shipbuilding and repair dockyard.

Initially we concentrated on the construction of fishing ships and it's repair service work, however a decline in Japanese demands for fishing ships in the 1970s resulted in a switch to the construction of ships for international trading. Since then we have been developed as a shipbuilder of newbuilding of "HIGH SPECIFICATION TRADING SHIPS” having an experience through various processes of business development.

During proceeding of the development, we have expanded our business scale step by step, and now work out having three factories other than main shipyard. These factories are located very close to the main yard to support the new ship productionwith the right people and work for the right places and locations.

As of today, we were established as one of the foremost shipyard in Japan. By using long-accumulated experience and study in design,technology, product control, quality control and so on, we will have been providing various types of ships and working in partnership withour clients to further develop of our product range and we will be trying to contribute not only a shipping industiries as a global society but also invigoration or development of our local community as a regional mainstay company through shipbuilding service in shipping industry.


5th April 1969
Japanese Yen 100,000,000
Toru Higashi
1-25, koyo 3-chome, Hachinohe city, Aomori Prefecture,031-0801, Japan
TEL No. / +81 178 24 4171
FAX No. / +81 178 22 7803
E-mail / info@kitanihonship.com
Business line
Ship Building
Sales & Fabrication of Metal products
Civil Engineering
Shipping Agent
Insurance Broking
Property Leasing
1,200 persons (Including subcontractors)
Associated Organization
The Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders
Main Facilities
1-25, koyo 3-chome, Hachinohe city, Aomori Prefecture,
Kitanuma Facilities
15-14, Kitanuma Kawaragi, Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture,
Toyosu Facilities
7-11, Toyosu, Hachinohe city, Aomori Prefecture,
Kuji Facilities
8-74-15, Heiguchi Natsui-cho, Kuji city, Iwate Prefecture,


300 G/T Building & Repair slip way completed (Disused 2003)
300 G/T Semi dry dock completed (Disused 1992)
3,800 G/T No.1 Building slip way completed
(Extended to 20,000 G/T by 2012, Converted to Building dock in 2013)
8,000 G/T No.2 Building dock completed (140m×26.5m)
New office building constructed
ISO 9001:2000, JISQ 9001:2000 authenticated
Kuji Factory and Kitanuma Factory established
No.1 Block assembly shop expanded (Kuji)
No.2 Block assembly shop and No.3, 4 Paint shop expanded (Kuji)
Plate corrugation shop expanded (Kuji)
No.2 Building dock extended to 15,000 G/T (Main yard)
No.2 CNC shop and No.5, 6 Paint shop expanded (Kuji)
Toyosu Factory established
36,000 G/T No.1 Building dock completed (Main yard)
No.7, 8 Paint shop expanded (Kuji)
Block shop expanded (Toyosu)