Naming and delivery ceremony for SNo. 682, 12,500 DWT stainless steel chemical tanker “HANYU AZALEA” was safely completed at Hachinohe port.

HANYU AZALEA, 12,500 DWT stainless steel chemical tanker of SNo. 682, ordered by “GOLDEX FORTUNE LTD.” was successfully delivered on October 13, 2022.

The day of vessel delivery was wrapped by very fresh and cool autumn weather.
Around 30 guests came to Hachinohe for the ceremony and we are so glad to see the lively ceremony finally returned after severe COVID-19 pandemic continued for a couple of years.

The technical feature of HANYU AZALEA: Great fuel-efficient 12,500 DWT type chemical tanker. The 14 cargo tanks to be made of SUS316L stainless steel, which is capable of carrying various acid cargoes.

The energy saving rudder valve and fins are installed. Azalea bounds to Ulsan, South Korea for the bunkering and then heads for Singapore. AZALEA will contribute the chemical marine transport especially in Asia area.

We, Kitanihon Shipbuilding sincerely hope that HANYU AZALEA carries various chemical products and become the great treasure ship for everyone attended this time.

Also, we wishe a safe voyage of AZALEA and endless continued growth of GOLDEX FORTUNE LTD.