Corporate social responsibility


We would like to introduce Kitanihon Ship building’s activities to protect the richness of the sea and to revitalize the local community.

Kitanihon Ship building Initiatives

We will continue to promote environmentally friendly decarbonization and energy-saving ship initiatives. We strive to contribute broadly to revitalization and development of local communities.



R&D and manufacturing of environmentally friendly vessels

  • Conduct active R&D of LNG-fueled and ammonia-fueled vessels for decarbonization and achieve the global environmental protection
  • Achieve reduction targets of CO2, NOx, SOx, and other chemical substance emissions at a high level that exceeds current regulations.
  • Participate in “UMIGOMI Zero WEEK” activities to reduce marine pollution and raise employees’ environmental awareness.

Environmental Considerations in Business Activities

  • Promote paperless operation in the office and reduce paper usage
  • Separate trash in the office and increase employees’ awareness of recycling
  • Recycle scrap (valuable resources)

Creating a comfortable work environment

  • Actively recruit local students and provide work opportunities for young people
  • Hiring foreign employees on a permanent basis
  • Acceptance of foreign technical intern trainees
  • Facilitate the employment of people with disabilities
  • Employ female employees and actively promote them to managerial positions to improve their status
  • Enhance maternity leave & childcare leave system
  • Conduct annual health checkups for all employees and follow-up medical exams
  • Create a workplace that protects health and safety of on-site workers (HSE)
  • Adopt RPA and IoT to increase operational efficiency

Contribution to Local Communities

  • About 3,500 people visit our factory from preschoolers to university students each year
  • Accept interns from Japan and abroad
  • Cooperate with the local community projects actively

Factory tour


We offer factory tours at any time.
Come and see vessels that we’re building in our shipyard.

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