Naming ceremony for the Sno.701 / 12,500 DWT stainless chemical tanker, M/T “TRANS FJORD” was held at Toyosu factory.

This S-701/12,500DWT stainless chemical tanker, named “TRANS FJORD” is ordered by EIGHT RIVER SHIPPING S.A. and safely delivered to the owner on 15th December, 2023. The weather was snowy but not so cold due to enthusiasm of the people.

The shipowner came from Tokushima, and the charterer came all the way from Bergen, Norway. We thank them for coming to northern Japan with their families to participate in the ceremony.

This vessel, M/T “TRANS FJORD” is the core ship in our business lineup of small chemical division. Five(5) vessels have already been delivered for the global operators, and she has EEDI Phase 3 and NOx Tier 3 compliant. Furthermore, carrying propylene oxide in the cargo tank is unique feature of the vessel.

We, Kitanihon Shipbuilding believes M/T “TRANS FJORD” will be a treasured vessel for all concerned parties, including the shipowner. We will continue to make concerted efforts to provide high quality stainless chemical tankers for global owner and operators.