Naming and delivery ceremony for SNo.718, 630,000cft type refrigerated cargo carrier was held at our Toyosu Works.

LEPTA SHIPPING CO., LTD. ordered S-718, 630,000cft type refrigerated cargo carrier, named “CAMEROUN EXPRESS” and safely delivered to the owner on July 2, 2024. The vessel sailed out to Qingdao, China for loading of empty reefer containers. After that, the vessel bounds for UK via Cape of Good Hope. The vessel will contribute the fruits and vegetable trades such as banana, etc between Europe and West Africa. The other series of vessels will be provided the West African country names for their trading pattern.

The ceremony was held under the fresh summer sunny day. We, shipyard would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Japanese owner from Singapore, the European charterers from Marseille, France and other relatives from Ehime, Tokyo for coming to Hachinohe.

M/V “CAMEROUN EXPRESS” is the first series of 630,000cft type refrigerated cargo carrier project and is equipped with the latest Controlled Atmosphere(CA) technology in the cargo holds, new SOx scrubber system for environmental friendliness, and is a state-of-the-art vessel equipped with M0 that satisfies Phase 3 of the new ship fuel consumption regulations (EEDI regulations). In addition, the vessel can onboard the 20 and 40 feet reefer containers on the deck. Also, 40t and 8t hyd. deck cranes(total: 4) can handle speedy loading of containers and pallet cargoes at the various port in Africa and Europe.

We, shipyard hope M/V “CAMEROUN EXPRESS” will be a treasured vessel for all concerned parties under the current positive maritime markets. We will keep continue to make efforts to provide high-quality merchant vessels for owners and global operators.