Factory tour


We offer factory tours throughout the year. Would you like to come and see the shipbuilding process?

Factory Tour Highlights


Let’s see how “HUGE” ships are built!

Largest ships which we are building are approximately 180 m long and 30 m high. Its gross tonnage will be 40,000 tons. Since this type of ship is so large, every single part to be installed is out of scale! Why don’t you come and see firsthand the process of building such a ship?

Advanced shipbuilding technologies from one of the East Japan’s largest shipyards supporting regional trade

We are the largest shipbuilding company located in the north of the Kanto region. Every year, our company ranks first in the value of Hachinohe City’s trade exports. Come and see the advanced shipbuilding technologies of the region’s leading company!

We also welcome student visitors who are considering working with us.



Target Educational institutions and organizations from pre-school to university
Duration We basically offer 60-minute facility tour. Please let us know your needs so that we can schedule according to your plans.
Important notice ・We afraid facility tour for companies and individuals are unavailable.
・Please don’t wear short-sleeves, skirt, and heels during the tour for your safety.
Contact information Please contact us via below form. VIEW
PIC General Affairs Department Nakamura , Takahashi