The Process of Building a Ship We would like to show you the behind-the-scenes building process at our shipyard until the delivery of a ship.


Contract & Order We will propose the most appropriate vessel, delivery date, and the best price to each customer in cooperation with our design team according to customer’s needs in Japan and overseas. If the client is satisfied with the proposal, we can reach an agreement and become in partners in business.


Basic Plan To offer the best ship accordingly to customer’s needs, we discuss and confirm the speed, the loading capacity, the regulations as per a designated route, the specifications, and the budget with the each department.


Design We prepare detailed construction drawings based on the specification of a ship. According to the drawings, we procure necessary materials and make a master plan.


Production Planning Our production planning team manages the building schedule including launching, sea trial, and delivery for each vessel. This team also adjusts number of workers for each process and manage the progress.


Production We fabricate “Blocks” by cutting and welding steel plates at each factory according to the design team’s drawings. And we assemble these blocks which are fitted with pipes and other fitting materials in the dry dock at the main factory to assemble a hull. Once the outer hull has been painted, it is time for “launching”. A ship is floated on the water in the dock. After that, the rest of the outfitting, accommodation finishing, electric wiring, painting and other remaining works are carried out in preparation for sea trial.


Sea Trial To confirm the speed and the fuel efficiency of a vessel are as expected at sea, we conduct a sea trial for each ship. This trial has continued for about three days to make a final check for any defects with our sales, design, and technical team.


Delivery After signing the delivery documents, we hold a naming and delivery ceremony welcoming ship owners and guests. At the end of the ceremony, we see the ship off to its first destination.